Bluegrass  Events was inspired by the many parties and events my family have had over the years. There's nothing better than spending time with people you love, and having fun either celebrating or enjoying someone's presence. As the owner, I love seeing my nieces and nephews enjoy life, and now having a daughter my life is more eventful than ever. The name came from the great state of Kentucky, not only wanting to serve the city of Georgetown where the business originated, but to eventually provide service throughout all of the Bluegrass.

The services that are provided at this point in the  company consist of renting tables and chairs to perspective customers for events, with hopes to expand  to tents and other party necessities. Bluegrass Events is excited to serve our clients for all upcoming events.


"Bluegrass Events took the time to ensure I had everything I needed and nothing I was missing. Thanks guys!"



“I loved my event and I couldn't  have pulled it off with  the help of Bluegrass Events.”



"Wow, what awesome service, they were so nice and right on time with my rental package"


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